Ronald Chagoury

Vice Chairman of South Energyx Nigeria Limited

About Ronald Chagoury

Ronald Chagoury Jr. is the Vice Chairman of South Energyx Nigeria Limited, which is part of the Chagoury Group, a multinational business conglomerate based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is currently working on Eko Atlantic, a new city construction project located off Victoria Island, adjacent to Lagos. Chagoury has been actively involved in the Eko Atlantic project since the start of land reclamation in 2008. With over 5 million square meters of prime real estate already reclaimed, Chagoury and the group are currently working on the development of high end commercial residential towers, hospitals, schools, sewage treatment facilities, and much more. The project aims to satisfy the needs for financial, commercial, residential, and tourist accommodations through the construction and development of this state of the art infrastructure.

As the Vice Chairman, Chagoury Jr. has been involved in many aspects of this project, from developing early stages of the project to promoting the concept and development of Eko Atlantic at both the regional and international levels. For the past several years, he has remained a driving force behind some of the city’s key developments, including the Marina District of Eko Atlantic, an international hospital, international school and luxury shopping center.

Furthermore, Ronald Chagoury supports group efforts to build strategic partnerships with developers and financiers with the common goal of creating SPVs for landmark developments within the project development area. He is also responsible for directing marketing and communications strategy for the company and project as well.

Ronald Chagoury and his family have been in Nigeria for more than 40 years, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of how the country has evolved. Helping Lagos become a financial center for Sub-Saharan Africa, and eventually the continent, was a natural fit for the Chagoury Group.

A graduate of ECE Paris, Ronald Chagoury holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering. He is passionate about economic empowerment, health, science, and environmental technology. Chagoury hopes that the Eko Atlantic project can serve as the new standard for environmentally-friendly and sustainable cities around the world.


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